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ASTA Test Certificates provide authoritative objective evidence that our bespoke equipment is compliant to relevant standards and provides Tegrel Ltd with an independent compliance test certificate for one or a number of samples. Certification does not involve inspection of the manufacturing facility or the production processes. The document issued is now known as an 'ASTA Certificate of Verification Test'.

Only recognised laboratories may perform tests to support the issue of ASTA Certificates and Test Reports in accordance with ASTA's rules and regulations. ASTA Observers witness the tests on behalf of ASTA and the ASTA Observers draft the ASTA reports and certificates which are then sent to the ASTA office for verification and issue. The ASTA Certificate issued are sealed and bound to prevent misuse.

Tegrel will type-test products manufactured in accordance with the ASTA Certification by performing a number of voltage and other associated tests. A Tegrel Certificate of conformity is then produced for the customer on despatch of the goods.

Click here to see a sample of one of our ASTA Certificates

Baseefa Ingress Protection Certificates are issued against an IP Standard that is designed to test a products suitability for a specific environment. Many call up IP testing as a basic requirement for environmental testing against external influences such as water ingress, and dust ingress. Tegrel manufacture products that have been type-tested using our specific enclosure system to meet IP requirements. In addition, Tegrel can perform Water Ingress Tests to IPX6 following the principles of the IP standard. Certificates of conformity can be issued by Tegrel Ltd to confirm that products meet the criteria.

Weld Tests are conducted for a variety of materials in a range of thicknesses and grades. These tests are set against various Tegrel Weld Procedure Specifications that are designed to meet British and European standards such as, BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 & BS EN ISO 15614-2: 2005.These Procedures are used where customer requirements expect conformity to these standards, and where Tegrel Welders are Qualified to the Procedures.

Certificates of Conformity can be supplied against a number of criteria that may be requested by the customer. This may include Water Pressure Testing or Impact Testing conducted in conjunction with our UKAS Accredited Certification bodies. Our standard Certificate issue will also confirm compliance with the various ISO standards that Tegrel Ltd are Certificated against and that the products are manufactured against these standards.

RoHS Compliance. Click here to read Tegrel's statement regarding RoHS.